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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  April 4, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> harris: great to serve you and bringing you breaking news and politics and more this hour. thank you very much for watching "outnumbered overtime." my handle across the pages, i'm gonna be live online shortly. see you there. >> dana: a fox news alert. the white house briefing set to begin in 30 minutes, and many hot topics today, including the president saying a mission to eliminate isis in syria is coming to a rapid end. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." the leaders of russia, iran and turkey meeting to discuss the situation in syria today, and first on "the daily briefing" scott pruitt defending several of his controversial moves involving taxpayer dollars. ed henry is standing by with that exclusive interview that got quite feisty. but we start with national correspondent jennifer griffin. jennifer what, is the reaction from the pentagon to psident trump saying he'd like to pull
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all the troops out of syria? >> reporter: well, dana, it seems as if there may have been a compromise after the president met with his national security team for much of yesterday. and now the white house is saying the president plans to keep u.s. troops in syria until isis is defeated, which it is not. critics say a pullout would lead to isis 3.0. remember, that is exactly what president trump criticized president obama for doing, pulling out prematurely from iraq which led to the rise of kwraoeus. critics say this would be a big win for russia an iran. president putin and iran's president are both in turkey today to talk about their next steps in syria. the white house statement on the future of those 2,000 u.s. troops in syria comes two days before the one-year anniversary of the u.s. navy's cruise missile strike against that syrian regime air base following president assad's chemical air attack against civilians using sarin nerve gas. dana? >> dana: i wanted to also ask
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you about the president's plan to send u.s. troops to the border with mexico. is there any update on that? >> reporter: well, the pentagon said it is still consulting with the white house on its next step to strengthen the border. many pentagon officials were caught off guard by president trump's comments yesterday. the pentagon finally issued a statement this morning. quote, there are a number of ways the department of defense is already supporting the dhs border security mission. we are still in con sultdation with the white house about ways we can expand that support. president trump wants the u.s. military to deploy troops along the mexican border to protect the nation until a wall is in place. he said he's spoken with defense secretary mattis about the idea and called the plan a, quote, big step. president george w. bush sent 6,000 national guard troops to the border in 2006. president obama sent 1200 in 2010. previous presidents have worked with state governors to deploy troops at the border. that may be a problem, dana, in california, where democrat jerry
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brown has already said he would resist the order. dana? >> dana: that's interesting geo political issue there. jennifer, thank you. a fox news exclusive. the epa administrator scott pruitt firing back as he fights to carry out president trump's agenda. political opponents are calling for his resignation over ethical issue. pruitt granting an exclusive interview to fox news. ed henry is here with us. you had the exclusive. ed, what happened? >> reporter: well, dana, what's interesting is scott pruitt is fighting back. he said the left is attacking him for carrying out president trump's agenda. he has been so successful at cutting epa regulations, pruitt said it has not just stimulated the economy, but saved taxpayers about what he said $1 billion. the first problem with that though is that some republicans are calling on him to be fired. so it's not just the left. second problem is he's under fire for allegedly wasting taxpayer money. eport pruitt went to the
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white house last month and demand big pay raises for two aides. the white house said, no, this is not a good use of taxpayer money. pruitt allegedly ignored that and gave out the pay raises. pruitt claiming to me that he was in the dark about the whole thing. it got a little combative. >> if you're committed to the trump agenda, why did you go around the president and white house to give pay raises to two staffers? >> i did not. my staff did. i found out about that yesterday and changed it. the process should have been respected and i issued a statement walking back those pay raises that should not have been given. >> is someone going to be fired for that? >> there will be accountability. >> career person or political person? >> i don't know. >> you don't know who did it? >> i found out about this yesterday and i corrected the action. we are in the process of finding out how it took place to correct it. >> both of these staffers are friends of yours. i believe from oklahoma, right stphr >> they are staffers here in the agency. >> they're friends of yours? >> they serve a very important person. >> you didn't know they got
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these large pay raises? >> i didn't, until yesterday. >> one got a pay raise of $28,000, the other was $56,000. do you know what the median income in this country is? >> no. >> $57,000 a year. one of your friends from oklahoma got a pay raise -- >> they did not get a pay raise. >> they did. >> they did not. i stopped that yesterday. >> so you stopped it. are you embarrassed? >> it should not have happened. and the officials that were involved in that process should not have done what they did. >> reporter: the atlantic said pruitt filed a formal application. the magazine said pruitt made a provision in allowed him to hire up to 30 people without white house approval, so he ordered th get this money. prtt now denying any involvement. the white house said they're investigating it. >> dana: ed, last year, pruitt had some questions raised about private jets for official travel, and now there are questions about some of his living arrangements in washington.
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>> reporter: yeah. abc news first reported last year he was renting a room in a condo from the wife of a lobbyist for $50 a day. anyone who has lived in washington knows that's below market. plus renting from the wife of a lobbyist, pruitt seems -- seems questionable. pruitt tried to tell me the lobbyist had no business through the epa, except one of its clients has been exxon mobil. this runs counter to the president vowing to drain the swamp, which is why two republicans yesterday called on him to resign or be fired. carlos provello saying, pruitt's, quote, corruption, saying this is an embarrassment. there's only one opinion though that matters. that's of the president. pruitt said he got a call two nights ago and basically got a vote of confidence. but the president has done that before and then fired someone. we'll have more 7:00 p.m. with martha. >> dana: his office sent me a note, knowing that you were going to be on. their office saying there was a career senior counsel for ethics who approved the living arrangement, so we'll see.
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>> reporter: they approved it after he moved out. they approved it a couple weeks ago, not before he moved in. >> dan wil you on martha's show tonight. >> reporter: 7:00 p.m. 'll have a lot mo. >> dana: thanks for joining us. appreciate it. as the special counsel continues its work, a source tells fox news robert mueller informed attorneys for the president that while trump remains under investigation, he is not a criminal target in the probe. let's bring in james trusty, a former doj prosecutor who can help us understand. what is this distinction between a subject and target? >> dana, it's a really small one. the good news if you're an attorney representing someone is that the government calls him a witness. then you pretty much know you're out of the woods. the worst news is they say it's a target. if they tell you it's a target, effectively you're a punitive defendant. the prosecutor believes there's evidence of wrongdoing and you should expect to get charged. the vast middle ground there is called subject. and it's kind of a whole lot of
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nothing when it comes to satisfaction. a subject mean yours conduct is being investigated. you very easily could end up being a target. you could be charged from that subject status or you might skate by and be considered a witness some day. but it's definitely nothing to immediately celebrate being called a subject. >> dana: it's not necessarily anything to immediately worry about either, right? because to me, if it's a distinction with with that bit of a difference, then really there's probably nothing new that we learned yesterday from that. >> i think everyone would agree that the president was at least a subject. would have been more surprising if they said target to really confirm kind of the worst frs the administration might have. a sject could be charged in a heart beat. a subject could consent to an interview and get charged one minute after the interview concludes. there's no safety there. >> dana: jeffrey toobin was on cnn last night talking about one of the key targets, somebody who has been charged, paul manafort,
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and whether or not he is getting into a situation where he might flip against the president. listen to this. >> i think manafort is in desperate, desperate trouble. mueller's response not only was persuasive on the grounds of whether he had jurisdiction to bring the case, but there was another part of the filing that was particularly interesting. one of the big talking points that the president and his supporters have made is that collusion is not a crime. colluding doesn't violate u.s. laws. but the memo from rosenstein says very clearly that there can be collusion that is a crime. >> dana: mr. trusty, let me have you start with manafort. is there any reason to believe, resides possibly other information that toobin has that we don't, that manafort is close to flipping on the president? >> if toobin has an insider whispering in his ear, here it
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comes, then there shouldn't be any surprises. gates is cooperating. any attorney representing manafort should have had that conversation on day one. what does gates have? what will he say to hurt you? assume he's going to cooperate with the government and then eventually came true. i don't know that there's a big surprise there. the motion to dismiss the case for kind of lack of authority for the independent counsel was always a hail mary, whether it was filed civilly or criminally. that was pretty much going nowhere from the beginning. rod rosenstein publicly said i have given permission to expand the investigation, which he can do under the statute. i don't think any of that's a big surprise. >> dana: you've explained to us the plain view concept where if you start to investigate something and you see something that manafort has done when it comes to one of the charges is money laundering, you have the right to charge him for that. >> right. i mean, if the investigation is looking at some sort of collusion during the russian campaign and they find evidence of other wrongdoing that results
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from activities in ukraine and russia, ty don't have to ignore it. they can get the permission slip they apparently got and pursue it and bring manafort under the jurisdiction of the court. >> dana: we have ab 30 seconds left. i wonder if you could expand on what toobin was saying. there seems to be a debate going back and forth about collusion. one group of lawyers saying collusion is not a crime. now you have toobin saying, the department of justice says some collusion could be a crime. >> it's really shocking that lawyers would disagree on something. that's news worthy in itself. the reality is collusion's a shorthand word. there's not a crime called collusion. everybody is kind of right and wrong at the same time. the issue is whether there was conspiracy or concerted activity to violate various federal statutes. that's a narrower, more precise, legalistic exercise than just using the shorthand of collusion. so they're kind of both right and both wrong. >> dana: well, that's like having a three-handed economist. on the one hand, on the other
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hand and yet on another hand. james trusty. follow him at trusty lawyer on twitter. the dow tumbling 500 points at the opening. just how important are soy beans to rural america and why is china targeting them? plus today's white house briefing set to begin at the bottom of the hour. we'll take you there as soon as it gets under way.
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one of the things there was a dispute about today, president trump tweeting we're not in a trade war. people say we don't know. it's a squirmish. >> all the rugby fans are gonna go -- so the president says we're not. beijing says we're not either which is kind of interesting. they kind of imply we're just levelling the playing field so that we're all on the same page. now this is paving the way to a truce. so most american industries that are affected are saying, okay, fine, but could you at least both sit at the same table and let's hammer this out? there's a deadline, may 22nd, if i'm not mistaken, then the u.s. government has 180 days after that to figure out what goes where. at this moment, one side yelling, the other side yelling, looking tough, then hopefully going to sit down and find something. >> dana: if you're a soybean farmer, you feel like you're in the middle of a war? >> you do. it's not often that we talk
11:17 am
about soybean futures. this morning down 3%. this is the largest agri export the u.s. makes to china. in 2016 it was about $14 billion worth of business. china's also, this is not their first time, right? so they are picking areas also that voted for president trump. the midwest is really a very heavy soybean area. big growers there. so the fact that they picked soybeans is very emblematic. they picked autos, chemicals. they picked things that we care about that would hurt our economy. >> dana: quick last question. if they come to the table and there's a truce, will cna say, all right, we understand the intellectual property issue of your technology is a problem and we are committed to do something about it? >> it's unlikely they will say that. i think what most strategists say is that the u.s. can just block chinese investment quietly in u.s. tech, at least on our shores. that's a first good sort of strategic move that doesn't hurt
11:18 am
other industries. >> dana: all right. deidre, bolton, glad you're here. we are minutes from the white house press briefing. we're going to take you there as soon as it starts. scott walker warning republicans of a potential blue wave in november. what prompted him to sound the alarm? we'll tell you about it. big news here on "the daily briefing." i will sit down with facebook's chief operating officer for an exclusive from the company's headquarters in california. she will have new steps the company is taking to protect your information if you're on facebook. i'll ask her about the main event next week, mark zuckerberg's testimony in front of congress. you don't want to mace that interview on friday. every day we hear from families who partnered with a senior living advisor from a place for mom to help find the perfect place for their mom or dad thank you so much for your assistance in helping us find a place. mom feels safe and comfortable and has met many wonderful residence and staffers. thank you for helping our family find our father
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11:22 am
the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. today marks 50 years since dr. king was assassinated at the lorraine motel. in our nation's capital, people gathering at the martin luther king jr. memorial for a prayer service. so a strong turnout by liberal voters in wisconsin, sending their candidate to the state supreme court. republican governor scott walker sounding the alarm on twitter. tonight's results show, we are at risk of a blue wave in wisconsin. the far left is driven by anger and hatred. we must counter it with optimism and organization. let's share our positive story with voters and win in november. joining me matt sclapp. and deputy director for the 2016 democratic congressional campaign committee. matt, i'll start with you. last night, when you're looking at some of these state based races. scott walker said in his worry. let me show you what mitch
11:23 am
mcconnell, the republican leader in the senate, said, about midterm election. we know the wind is going to be in our face. we don't know whether it will be a category 3, 4 or 5. and when hurricane katrina hit land, it was a category 3. what do you think? >> i don't blame these republican leaders for sounding the alarm. it's a good thing to make sure we don't get complacent. you win the presidency, lot of times it's hard to put that coalition back together in these races. look at wisconsin where you have turnout about 20%. so it's not like you're replicating the dynamics of 2016 in wisconsin. remember, we didn't win that at the presidential level before donald trump since 1984. it's very difficult state wide. finally, the republican party never did so much winning than when barack obama was president. we have to expect if the democrats field better candidates, and they did in wisconsin and pennsylvania. if they raise more money, which
11:24 am
they haven't in a couple of these special elections, you can't expect donald trump to pull you over the finish line. you're going to have to do that yourself. you have to focus on your fundamentals in order to be successful. >> dana: i imagine you might agree with what matt said. you might disagree that the democrats are being fueled by anger and hatred. is that really what's getting democrats to the polls? >> no. i think that what's getting them to the polls is the passion that they feel about the trump presidency. whether it's good or bad for the country, more americans can name the three stooges than the three branchs of government. what most americans think of with the government is donald trump. every time they go to the ballot box between now and 2013, that's what's going to be driving them. for democrats, they see a presidency that's assaulting their values, assaulting what they see as the democratic pillars of our country so, of course, that's going to be a motivator. >> dana: let me turn to texas.
11:25 am
senator ted cruz launched his re-election campaign yesterday, matt. this comes on a day when o'rourke from el paso, a democrat running against ted cruz, announced that he raised $6.7 million in the first quarter. ted cruz said this. that's a whole lot roff money, there's no doubt about that. it has been clear for some time that the hard left is energized and mobilized andngry at the president. we are seeing the far left giving millions of dollars to liberal democrats running for office and it underscores that republicans cannot take november for granted. and yet, matt, when the primary was held, ted cruz, in the primary, received more votes than all of the democrats combined. 1.3 million votes. i just wonder here what's going on. are democrats wasting their money? >> look, i think the democrats feel like they have the momentum on their side. they've had a couple of victories in these special elections. republicans have had a lot more.
11:26 am
they obviously hate ted cruz because we stands for e conservative value there is. there's a myth that texas is ready to flip, which they are many years away from the democratic trend they think is going to be realized. republicans can't get cocky. ted cruz was very measured in his statement. there is not one fundamental dynamic in texas that points to a ted cruz loss, other than hollywood in new york is doubling down on o'rourke. i think that's a pretty good message for ted cruz. >> dana: is o'rourke one of those different types of matts like matt was saying about conor lamb in pennsylvania? is he younger and different enough that we might get attention from the democratic party that maybe texas government might not have gotten before? >> he's the only candidate whose resume includes rock band member. look, he is igniting a passion. matt is right. the democratic party has long viewed ted cruz quite hostilely.
11:27 am
and the thing about o'rourke, all his money's coming in small dollar donation. we call that a renewable resource, so he can continue to put up money. >> ted cruz gets more smaller dollar donations than beto o'rourke. he's getting a lot of contributions from out of state. i don't think it helps make your grass roots argument in texas. >> dana: i don't have a breakdown from where the money came from, but, ty, i'll give you the last word. >> on texas, matt's right. i spent the last week with one of the smartest texas pollsteres i know. it's going to be an uphill climb. it's also an expensive state. $6.7 million in a state like wyoming, you could take everybody out t red lobster, but to run a senate race i texas is quite expensive. >> dana: i don't even know if they -- do they have a red lobster? >> they have red something, but it's not red lobster. >> dana: thank you. reporters standing by at the white house. we are minutes from today's
11:28 am
briefing. we'll take you there live. plus the path to a congressional majority could hinge on what republican members call winnable races. josh crosshire will tell us about the house gop slackers. dear foremothers,
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11:33 am
because this tariff issue is front and center. your thoughts? >> well, first of all, white house trade adviser peter navarro said when the president announced the tariffs on china, that the chinese would not retaliate and the next day the chinese put out a list of 130 products with tariffs at 25%. >> dana: if i could hold you there for one second, karl. i have a quote here from saying that china's response was tougher than what the market was expecting. investors didn't foresee the country levying additional tariffs on sensitive and important products such as soybeans and airplanes. said a singapore investor. the chinese are basically being very smart and strategic. looking at places where president trump has a lot of support. but also, soybeans, at $14 billion a year as an export, that certainly will feel like you're in a war if you're a
11:34 am
soybean farmer. >> well, you're gonna feel like it right now. last night i was at a republican dinner in central ohio and talking to a guy who grows soybeans. we're about ready to get to the start of growing season. are you going to put soybeans in the ground? areou going to put corn in the ground or lea something u for rotation? last year he filled everything with soybeans because there was a ready market for it and he couldn't make money on corn. now he's worried he won't make money on soybeans. this will cause some discombobulation. this will be laid in 60 days, then 180 days. it causes confusion, causes instability. it could be very dangerous for our economy and the chinese economy. >> dana: i can see that for the farmers, too. you don't know exactly how much to plant. you have other factors that you can't control like the weather. if you have a bad year, you could possibly end up going out
11:35 am
of business. let me also switch gears for a second. i just had matt and ty on talking about midterm election issues. and we talked about the state of texas and ted cruz who announced his re-election bid. beto o'rourke, the congressman from el paso. he is a different type of campaigner. really trying to do grass roots. raised $6.7 million in the first quarter. that obviously is a ton of money. but republicans came out in droves to vote for ted cruz in the primary dwarfing the democratic vote. i'm just curious what you think from a political standpoint. is it smart for democrats to put all this money into o'rourke when there are lots of other races that they could win that will be closer than this one will be? >> well, i think that's a good point. and remember, beto, he's named robert francis o'rourke, but he's adopted the name beto. he had a heavily hispanic district in el paso. he was trying to appeal to that vote by coming up with an nifty
11:36 am
nick name. he pent $4 million in the democratic primary, got % of the vote. the two people that ran against him, a man and woman, a nurse and a retired postal worker, spent between them $800. got 38% of the vote and carried 103 of the state's 254 counties. robert francis o'rourke is going to need to spend a lot of money to be competitive in texas, and to run as a very blue democrat in a very republican state. >> dana: i'm trying to figure out the strategy. i understand why people would want to donate to his campaign. they're excited. democrats have long thought that texas one day will be a place where they can be competitive. but this year seems to me there's so many competitive races across the country that if mitch mcconnell says we are looking at a category 3, 4, 5 hurricane in the midterms, why would you put all that money into texas? give you the last word.
11:37 am
>> when it comes to texas, we got democrats thinking they've got two big white whales. one is turning texas blue and the other is defeating ted cruz. they're like captain ahab. their dollars would be better spent in places like nevada or arizona, or even tennessee. certainly, the five states that they've got really at risk, montana, indiana, west virginia, all potentially florida and ohio. they've got plenty of places to spend that money but they're ahab and they're after the two big white whales. >> dana: i'd like to imagine your head going through all the different states you have in your head. thank you. >> thank you, dana. >> dana: no room for error. that is how my next guest describes the challenge republicans are facing. he singled out five lawmakers saying their lack of preparation could cause the gop in november. let's bring in josh crosshire politics editor for "the national journal." i saw this column this morning.
11:38 am
i thought, bingo, is he writing this just for me so you could appear for me. >> these are five members who haven't raised enough money, haven't acted in a political enough way to win their districts even though they represent pretty republican districts. there are 23 house seats that democrats need to win to take back the majority. there's 25 republican seats that are ones that hillary clinton won in the last election. there's no margin for error for house republicans. they can't afford to lose house seats in republican territory. they need tall members that should be saved, should be breezing through re-election, to do what it takes to win another term. >> dana: you have on here representative pittinger, claudia tenney from new york, dave brat of virginia, who won that surprising race against eric cantor just a few years ago, ted budd of north carolina and tim wall berg of michigan. what are the republican congressional committees saying
11:39 am
about this race? are they sounding the alarm because they're actually worried or are they pushing them to campaign a little more? >> the big house super pact, in line with paul ryan, the congressional leadership fund, basically established an informal bailout fund, at least several million dollars to help members that aren't on their target list, aren't on their list of members they have a to protect. but they're worried these members aren't doing enough to run strong elections and they may need to save some mey to sprefrb these. claudia tenney is somebody who should be in a safe seat her district voted for trump by double digits. she made a comment after the florida school shooting saying all mass shooters are democrats. got in a lot of trouble. she's in a district where a republican, there was a poll that showed a republican winning easily but claudia tenney is losing to one of her democratic challengers even though trump won that district comfortably.
11:40 am
>> dana: tell me about dave brat. >> he is best known for knocking off eric cantor. but he is a lot more conservative. he identifies as a freedom caucus leader in a district that's becoming more diverse in the richmond area. republicans have done some polls that show this race is very close. i have talked about one of the democratic challengers running against dave brat, former cia officer, one of the democrat leading recruits this year. dave brat can't in a wave year that democrats may have, you can't take any seat for granted. >> dana: i think that is something like corey bliss from the group that you talked about, one of the things they're saying is just because you won easily in the past doesn't mean that will be the case this year. and i guess it is hard to figure out if you're going to be overtaken by a wave, how to get out there and campaign in a different way. >> that's right, dana. republicans, especially these outside groups, are helping a lot of the mbers. they're spending tens of millio and trying to help the
11:41 am
st vulnerable members in the most competitive seats. they can't afford to protect members who are in districts where donald trump did very well. they can't afford to spend money in the republicans district. this is like playing a game of whack a mole. you think you're protecting some of the more vulnerable members and then you to worry about those who aren't doing their due diligence. >> dana: are there democrats who are in the same position? >> there are a handful. not quite as many. there's one guy cartwright in pennsylvania who is a democrat in a trump district who hasn't necessarily voted as conservatively as he should be voting. but look, when you have a blue wave, it tends to put more pressure on the republicans and not the democrats. >> dana: indeed. it's that kind of year. josh, thank you. >> thank you, dana. >> dana: we are minutes away from today's white house briefing. plus a pair of republican congress men facing off in the hoosier state hoping to claim a seat in the senate. what does it mean for incumbent democrat joe donnelly?
11:42 am
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>> expecting the white house press briefing to begin. and where to begin. president trump said there's no trade war with china, but china is retaliating against the president's planned tariffs. the president also calling for troops at the southern border and saying he wants our forces out of syria soon. the white house saying our mission there is coming to a rapid end. we'll try to find out what that means. and we're learning special counsel robert mueller told the president's lawyers that president trump was a subject of the russia investigation, not a target at the moment. that's all top of the hour. shepard smith reporting. we'll see you then. >> dana: take a look at this. strong winds tearing apart a hanger in houston. eight planes were damaged and in eastern india, ts road clearly no match for mother nature. severe weather and thunderstorms
11:46 am
creating powerful flooding that ripped it apart. senate race is one to watch. long time rivals and house republicans hroubg metzer and todd rakita are going for the seat but there are some concern they could block each other if the war of words get too heated. peter doocy is in indianolis. this cou open the door for the democratic incumbent. >> reporter: because, dana, democrats are essentially hoping to lay low while the republican candidates for the chance to take on joe donnelly are battling it out to see who has supported president trump the most and for the longest. congressman rokita, who in a brand new campaign ad wearing the famous red and white make america great again hat insists that it's him because his competition luke messer donated to rubio and bush.
11:47 am
>> we're a different type of fish. he's establishment. you look at his finance team. you have people on there calling donald trump unfit to be president. >> reporter: and we are hoping to get messer's reaction to that charge in about 20 minutes, but he has been accusing rokita of making things up about him. dana? >> dana: peter, how is the democratic senator, joe donnelly, trying to keep his seat while all of this is going on? >> reporter: he's actually trying to spotlight or highlight the fact that his voting record has been 62% with president trump. now, normally lawmakers are ing to highlight tir voting record, you would get a higher per sentage than 62%. t donnelly, one of the ten democrats trying to win reelection in a state president trump carried said he was fine supporting something like his supreme court nominee neil gorsuch. >> i vote with the president a lot. i don't worry so much about what's being said on twitter or
11:48 am
on tv. it is, okay, what's going on on the ground that we can move the ball forward? >> reporter: but donnelly was a no vote on tax reform and that may have stirred up a very powerful surrogate against him. president trump came here in september and said if donnelly voted no, he would be back to campaign against him. since president trump won here in 2016 by 19 points, that could be a problem for donnelly. >> dana: i'm assuming the vice president, mike pence, will probably be making a few campaign stops there as well. all right. peter, thank you. >> reporter: remember in 2016 -- >> dana: sorry, peter. i have to go. we are moments from a white house briefing. we'll get to that as soon as it starts. plus nancy reagan the subject of a fascinating new book that takes readers behind the scenes during some critical moments at the reagan white house. we'll talk to the author straight ahead. mom? dad? hi! i had a very minor fender bender tonight in an unreasonably narrow fast food drive thru lane.
11:49 am
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>> dana: she's been called one of the most influential first ladies ever. now a new book is giving an account of nancy reagan's time in the white house. it's called "lady in red." an intimate portrait of nancy reagan. joining me now is the former press secretary to nancy reagan. good friend. this book must have been a real labor of love for you, sheila. >> it was. it was. but it was also the hardest thing i ever did, dana. dy >> dana: why? >> i felt such a responsibility once i finally decided to do it to really help provide a more fullsome profile of nancy reagan. so many people at her memorial talked to me about how sad they were that more people didn't know her the way we knew her.
11:53 am
and as you can probably imagine, after i heard that about ten times, i thought they were blaming me. >> dana: right. yes, i know exactly what you're talking about. you feel like you have a responsibility. another good friend of both of us, the press secretary for the reagans, he told a story about a wardrobe malfunction with gorbachev. he said i thought nancy reagan did more about that. not many people know the story. >> he said it was the first time he everold anybody that story. there was particularly a freezing cold day. instead of meeting and greeting them outside of the diplomatic reception room, everybody was crowded inside. and as the gorbachovs came in, she noticed her panty hose were collapsing. and she quietly slipped right over to her and said, come with
11:54 am
me. took her to the ladies room. they got it straightened out. nobody else ever noticed it except marlon. >> dana: he didn't miss anything. it's interesting about first ladies and the role they play. they get to choose a lot of what they do, the platforms that they care about. and also the graciousness with which they serve amidst really tough times when they're up to now husbands have been really maligned in the press by their opponents. any advice you have from how she handled that? >> well, she decided to concentrate on doing something that she really cared about. and that was to deal with this growing problem of drug abuse. and i mean, you know, she was heavily criticized at first. every first lady is scrutinized so carefully for what they wear, how they behave. you just have to put that aside and focus on something that you can really, really achieve something. >> dana: i know people don't
11:55 am
necessarily believe that the just say no campaign worked on some kids, but i was a young child when they were serving and it really did work for me. she accomplished a lot. is there any other little tidbit you can tell us about the book before we have to go? >> if you do nothing else, read the last chapter. >> dana: okay. >> it's the story of nancy's last days and it involves a little dog named digby. i think you'll love it. >> dana: you know i'll lov it if it's about a dog. sheila tate, i'm so honored that you came on the show, and congratulations on the book. >> thank you. >> dana: all right. some breaking news out of facebook just now about how many people were affected by the cambridge analytical breach. we'll tell you about that after the break.
11:56 am
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11:58 am
>> fox news alert. fabook releasing information showg 87 million americans may
11:59 am
havead their information compromised by cambridge analytica. the company announcing several changes that will allow people to delete apps they do not want and there's big news here on "the daily briefing." i'll sit down with sheryl sandberg on friday for a fox news exclusive from the company's headquarters in california. sandberg will have new details on the steps the company is taking to protect your information if you're on facebook. one oklahoma mom is hoping her family's new pet cat will do wonders for her son. madden humphries was born with a clef lip and two different color eyes. jordan's mom saw a cat with the same similarities. she knew it was destiny. christina humphries rode to minnesota to pick up moon.
12:00 pm
she hopes moon will help madden realize that being unique is normal. thanks for joining us. we'll have the white house briefing as soon as it happens. i'm dana perino. here's shep smith. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 at the white house where we're waiting for the day's briefing to begin. a lot to cover. president trump insists we're not in a trade war. now somebody needs to tell the chinese. because they fired off some possible new import taxes aimed at the united states. have your semantics, it is what it is and could affect a lot of americans. the white house saying the american's mission in syria is coming to a rapid end. we'll try to find out what those words may mean. and major news in the robert mueller investigation. the president's legal team learns he's not currently a criminal target. let's get to it.


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